Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Most Important Container

While riding home the other evening I heard an interview with vocalist Norah Jones. She asserted that she would like to be able to sing with "a little more of an edge."  But whenever she sang something it came out sounding like Norah Jones - beautiful.

Upon hearing her say that, and while listening to a brief clip from her new CD, The Fall, I was struck again by the realization that we are our own container.  More surely than any website profile or YouTube posting, we are the molder of our expressions. 

Certainly we can hone our expressive skills - we do it all our lives.  Barring some tragic mishap, you will be a far better writer, singer, mathematician, engineer, painter, photographer, dancer, or philosopher, in ten years or twenty years than you are now - if you work at the skills. 

But that very process of self-definition and improvement will make it very difficult for you to "play yourself falsely."  When music moves through Norah Jones it comes out beautiful.  It is the message being true to the container.

As you move through your life, a variety of pressures will be brought to bear upon your "container."  Physical, emotional and intellectual demands will be made of you.  Consider your options in fulfilling those demands.  You are molding the most important container of your life.  Mold one from which the only possible expressions are those of which you will be proud; expressions which must be beautiful.


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